Monday, May 23, 2005

You Get What You Want /or/ They Have No Idea What They Want

That headline summarizes what happened in NRW elections yesterday, as voters frustrated about losing work, money, and patience because of no growth and bad moods elected the til then opposition whose ideas can only produce more job loss, take more money out of the normal Joe's wallet, stymie growth even more as the consumers spend less, and exacerbate the bad mood to the point of chronic depression.
If the same occurs in the Fall, now that Schröder has announced plans to pull forward the Bundestag elections, the voters will get what they want: a murky Merkel CDU Chancellor in coalition with a dower Westerwelle FDP neo-liberal economic plan in coalition to abolish all the things for which the German economic system has been admired all around the world: cooperation between employer and employee (co-governance of enterprises), job protection (remember that when your next boss laughs in your face when he fires you and you inform him of your plans to have the labor court review that), inexpensive health insurance (well, it will become so then for the upper 10,000), etc.
All we need in addition is for the French to vote NO next week, and the mounted capitalists and bushbaby play-penalist unlilateralists can rampage through Europe doing whatever they want, cause we'll have pretty much castrated ourselves.
And the polls show, people don't even trust the CDU to solve the problems facing Germany, but they'll vote for them out of frustration. They probably only watch RTL-Sat1-Pro7-Vox (a third have never even heard of the Kapitalismusdebatte) and only shop at Lidl-Aldi-Plus-Kaufdichdoof, then wonder why there are no jobs anymore....
Go to the theater, read a book, learn a foreign language, quit the church, sell the car, kiss your lover, have good sex, smile at those you encounter, and learn to think!

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Die Zeit : Freiheit nach Börsenmaß

A must-read by Literature Nobel Prize Winner Günter Grass
Don't let them ever tell you that you're evil if you think people are more important than profits!
Die Zeit - Politik : Freiheit nach Börsenmaß