Thursday, July 7, 2005


As the New Yorker I was, the Parisian I have long been deep inside, and the Berlin dweller and lover I am - big city guy - my heart beats with Londoners today:
Don't let go of your city way of life, don't let them intimidate you: our big cities are the wildest weirdest wackiest wantonest most wonderful part of our free civilization.

No to Terror - No to Fundamentalists!
Yes to Liberty - Yes to Justice!

And with an expression of debt to Charles Baudelaire and Philippe Sollers, this thought for meditation:
What they're always trying to keep hidden from us all is that the French Revolution, with all its assertion of human rights and liberty, was something voluptuous, instigated by people who sought voluptuousness, while the Counter-Revolution and the Terror accompanying it and plaguing us still today was fomented on us by the "virtuous" and in the name of "virtue".