Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year !

May we all remember what a wonderful joyous privilege it is to begin another year, a new year, to go on with our lives, living with love, sharing that love, and smiling, yes, laughing, simply because we are there and aware and mindful of being there!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


To celebrate reaching the ripe old age of FIVE MONTHS with my new (Terri's, thank you) stem cells with vigor and élan to become ever better, ever stronger, ever more, I am posting this festive piece by Mozart to match my mood and spread joy to whomever may happen to hear it. Joy and love is what we are all here for, and I know that is what I celebrate every single day of my new life.

- Thanks to Philippe Sollers for sharing this performance on his website; and don't forget that his new novel appears at the beginning of 2012.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Celebrate !

Merrry Christmas, everyone, and don't forget to celebrate your life and the life of all those dear to you. Rejoice in love and smile with that joy.
Let us ALL do what we can to ensure that all those in our world teetering on the edge of life are able to continue to live, let us help the sick and the needy, let us bring smiles where there are frowns, let us constantly think about how wonderful it is to be alive.
With that, Christmas and the New Year can be a gift for everyone.

So, giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up, let's go ... life is a wonderland.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Václav Havel - IN MEMORIAM

With the greatest of respect for this most honorable defender of human rights, I am deeply grieved that VÁCLAV HAVEL has died today. His voice and thoughts will be sorely missed in our age of increasing human rights with simultaneous increase of threats to precisely those rights. Let us all be vigilant to carry on the cause of one of the authors of CHARTER 77.

Let us all remember this man with deepest admiration and in deepest humility!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yesterday was International Human Rights Day.
In Berlin, Nobel Literature Prize laureate Herta Müller joined in a demonstration at the Chinese Embassy for human rights and especially to free the Chinese author and Nobel Peace Prize winner LIU XIAOBO.
Also yesterday, Nobel Prize laureates around the world called for the release of LIU XIAOBO from the prison in China in which he has been held since 2009 for an eleven-year sentence. This call was made on the eve of the presentation of this years Nobel Prizes in Oslo and Stockholm.

Do not forget

Freedom of expression and opinion, free access to information, freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. LIU XIAOBO's "crime" in China was to demand nothing more than this in the Charta '08 for the respect of the rights "guaranteed" in the Chinese constitution.

must be set free.

Liu Xiaobo's poem from prison:

Your Lifelong Prisoner

To Xia

My dear,
I'll never give up the struggle for freedom from the oppressors'
jail, but I'll be your willing prisoner for life.

I'm your lifelong prisoner, my love
I want to live in your dark insides
surviving on the dregs in your blood

inspired by the flow of your estrogen

I hear your constant heartbeat
drop by drop, like melted snow from a mountain stream
if I were a stubborn, million-year rock
you'd bore right through me
drop by drop
day and night

Inside you
I grope in the dark
and use the wine you've drunk
to write poems looking for you
I plead like a deaf man begging for sound
Let the dance of love intoxicate your body

I always feel
your lungs rise and fall when you smoke
in an amazing rhythm
you exhale my toxins
I inhale fresh air to nourish my soul

I'm your lifelong prisoner, my love
like a baby loath to be born
clinging to your warm uterus
you provide all my oxygen
all my serenity

A baby prisoner
in the depths of your being
unafraid of alcohol and nicotine
the poisons of your loneliness
I need your poisons
need them too much

Maybe as your prisoner
I'll never see the light of day
but I believe
darkness is my destiny
inside you
all is well

The glitter of the outside world
scares me
exhausts me
I focus on
your darkness –
simple and impenetrable

-Harvard University Press from No Enemies, No Hatred: Selected Essays and Poems by Xiaobo Liu. Copyright © 2012 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Art Provokes Thought

Yes, the play Golgota Picnic, now at the Théâtre du Rond-Point, production Centro Dramático Nacional Madrid, production déléguée Théâtre Garonne Toulouse, coproduction Festival d’Automne à Paris, and which has already been performed in Spain, Toulouse, Graz, and is coming to Hamburg in January, has been "greeted" everywhere by the protests of those so unfirm in their fundamentalist religious "beliefs" that they very christianly and catholically have NOT seen it and condemn all those who do to a hell of their own fantasies and demand its prohibition as "blasphemous" (hello Sharia!) and is confronted in Paris (City of Lights, former center of the Enlightenment) with violent actions to disrupt the performances, with pious ultra-rightists, royalists, and Pius Brothers at the fore and a dangerous coalition with populists neo-nazis and fascists.
Can art be so dangerous? Can a play in a theater cause so much havoc? Remember the idiotic protests against the film The Exorcist in fundamentalist Baptist strongholds in the States, but also in rabid Catholic neighborhoods in the Northeast? Blasphemy is in the eye of the beholder, and is NOT a legal term. Freedom of expression is NOT limited by the beliefs of others; quite the contrary, freedom to believe is no longer possible if all opinions cannot be expressed. There is also a freedom NOT to believe, by the way. Moreover, true belief could never be endangered by satire or diatribes against it.
In any case, it is time to support the performances of this play wherever they may be and to condemn vehemently those who would attempt to deprive you of your right to decide on your own whether to watch it or not.
Praise is due again to Charlie Hebdo for satirizing in its latest issue the fundamentalists at work in Paris; the "blasphemous" caricatures are a refreshing breath of fresh air!
And here, to shock, please, irritate, interest, or baffle you, a video trailer of Golgota Picnic:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome to the Twenty-First Century !

I wish for more such fellow countrymen before the country of my birth sinks fully into the dark night of medieval ignorance and prejudice. Mr. Prayer-Perry should perhaps ask his god who gave him the right to demean and discriminate other fellow humans or to deny them the rights and privileges and duties he enjoys himself. He is not running a campaign for president, but a campaign for Ayatollah of America. Watch out, people, before they put you under a veil with stars and stripes and introduce a christaria reminiscent of the horrors one of the first great American authors, Nathaniel Hawthorne, described in The Scarlet Letter. I for one will always be in solidarity with all the Hester Prynnes everywhere!

The New York Times, by RICHARD A. OPPEL Jr., Published: December 8, 2011
OKATIE, S.C. — Gov. Rick Perry of Texas’ hard turn the past two days on gay issues, in which he has suggested that gay rights are inconsistent with both American and Christian values, has generated enormous criticism from lesbian and gay organizations and some religious groups, and has even helped split Mr. Perry’s top campaign aides over a new ad.
In that campaign ad, released on Wednesday, Mr. Perry says “you don’t need to be in the pew every Sunday” to know it is wrong that gay men and lesbians openly serve in the military at a time when there is no organized prayer in public schools.       

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Writers Do Not Really Die...

In memoriam for Christa Wolf, a brave voice of the GDR and of a united Germany afterwards, a warning voice, a lyrical voice, a thinking voice, a voice of literature.
Her words will continue to sound loudly from her texts, all of which deserve repeated reading.
Sad is that another has disappeared who dared to think in our all too thoughtless age.

Christa Wolf Dies at 82; Wrote of the Germanys
By DAVID BINDER and BRUCE WEBER, Published: December 1, 2011, The New York Times
Ms. Wolf, a leading writer from the former East Germany, explored the weight of history on ordinary people as well as her own struggles with Nazism and life in a Communist society.

Christa Wolf, écrivain de l'ex-RDA, laisse une œuvre marquée par le doute et l'espoir

LEMONDE.FR | 01.12.11 | 21h34