Thursday, December 1, 2011

Real Writers Do Not Really Die...

In memoriam for Christa Wolf, a brave voice of the GDR and of a united Germany afterwards, a warning voice, a lyrical voice, a thinking voice, a voice of literature.
Her words will continue to sound loudly from her texts, all of which deserve repeated reading.
Sad is that another has disappeared who dared to think in our all too thoughtless age.

Christa Wolf Dies at 82; Wrote of the Germanys
By DAVID BINDER and BRUCE WEBER, Published: December 1, 2011, The New York Times
Ms. Wolf, a leading writer from the former East Germany, explored the weight of history on ordinary people as well as her own struggles with Nazism and life in a Communist society.

Christa Wolf, écrivain de l'ex-RDA, laisse une œuvre marquée par le doute et l'espoir

LEMONDE.FR | 01.12.11 | 21h34 

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