Monday, September 8, 2008

Consider This...

Something to think about

  • before the US election in November
  • before the Brandenburg local elections on September 28
  • before the Bavarian state elections on the same day

Something to think about before you

  • deny others the rights you have
  • envy those who have less than you
  • opt out of systems of social solidarity
  • claim you can't be a bigot because some of your best friends are ***.
(If you are looking at this, then someone in your family or among your friends is definitely *** and will be very disappointed in you if you vote for backwardness!)

Es geht allein darum, darüber zu wachen, daß uns die anbrechende Fragwürdigkeit, die Vorläuferschaft für die Größe, nicht entrissen wird durch billige Antworten und Aberglauben.
[MH: Vom Wesen der menschlichen Freiheit, GA Bd.31 §15 S.143]

It's all about taking care to ensure that dawning questions worthy of consideration, precursors of greatness, are not ripped from our thoughts by cheap answers and superstitions.

Il s'agit seulement de veiller à ce que les questions dignes d'être posées naissantes, précurseurs de grandeur, ne nous soient pas arrachées par des réponses faciles et des superstitions.

[French & English versions my own]

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