Thursday, October 2, 2008

Awesome, as in: made of

You know who I'm talking about: yes, John Green, who read to and discussed with several classes in a Kreuzberg school today, an actor reading excerpts from the published German version of Looking for Alaska, and yours truly translating John's English remarks into German and the kids' German questions into English for him.
And yes, I got the answers to the questions I was charged with by my internet contacts (you know who you are) and accomplished the missions requested.
Berlin is awesome, as is its Kreuzberg borough, according to John.
The school director took some photos which I will try to get my hands on (or my computer bits and bytes onto) and share them with those interested.
One quote from JG to the kids, pertinent prior to tonight's veepbate:
"I have to be honest with you, it's not the politicians or the system alone that has to be changed in America, no, it's the people, the way they think... They have to become more open and tolerant."
The Kreuzberg kids cheered when they got the German version of that one!


  1. wahoo! sounds like a pretty jokes day!

  2. but he was afraid to read the dirty parts in English; but the actor reading the German version left NOTHING out and I sure didn't in translating his spontaneous remarks...