Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shameful Russia !

Where were the outraged reports? Why did not one of the cloned superstar plastic idols pretending to sing songs make any reference to what had happened outside their bubble? Why did Eurovision go on with the broadcast? This Eurovision Song Contest would not even exist without the wild support of gays in Europe, and then Moscow has the balls to forbid gays from even demonstrating for the rights that Russia so vehemently denies them! How many of the contestants were gay themselves? (At least the German entry was professedly gay; many of the others were visibly so.) I am not only disappointed that no one spoke up; I am also totally disgusted that yet another country has hijacked an international event based on multicultural, multiethnic culture and tolerance for what is different and tried to hamper any expression of what they consider "other" during it.

Moscow Police Crush Gay Rights Rally -

Police officers in Moscow quickly suppressed a gay rights demonstration on Saturday, detaining dozens of protesters who hoped to showcase discrimination in Russia ahead of the Eurovision song contest final on Saturday evening.
No mention of the gay rights protest was made at the Eurovision final Saturday night, which was won by Norway’s Alexander Rybak.



And sincere hopes for the welfare of the 40+ arrested and all lgbt's living in or passing through the country.

(Gays and Lesbians should refrain from going there as tourists at all. They should not get one cent of our money, since they consider us abominations and satanic.)

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