Saturday, May 29, 2010

Keep Moving and Gain More Support

Defense secretary addresses concerns over repeal of ban on gays in military

Step by step, the US is moving into today and looking at tomorrow!

The New York Times
As ‘Don’t Ask’ Fades, Military Faces Thorny Practical Issues
Will openly gay service members be placed in separate housing, as the commandant of the Marine Corps has advocated? What benefits, if any, will partners or spouses of homosexual service members be accorded? Will all military units be required to treat homosexuals the same? And what training will heterosexual officers and enlisted troops receive to prepare them to serve with openly gay soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines?
Many service members interviewed this week said they knew homosexuals in the military and did not mind serving alongside them.
“If you trust a soldier with your life, that’s what is most important, not being gay,” said Specialist Kevin Garcia of the Army, who has done two tours in Iraq and is now stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.
Get real and get ready to respect people as people. When it's about soldiering, gay or straight, what's important is who's pointing a gun at whom and why!

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