Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What can be said about Tuscon and Giffords?

«La propagande du ressentiment et de l'esprit de vengeance a fait de grands progrès. Et ce n'est qu'un début.»
[Ph.Sollers, "La Vérité révélée par le Temps" in L'Infini n°113, p.36]

"The propaganda of resentment and the spirit of vengence has made great progress. And that's just the beginning!"
[my own spontaneous translation]

Would it be too much to ask all the inhabitants of the country from which I hail to finally lay down their guns and begin to think? Perhaps they might even think about helping one another, about a society of caring and mutual concern and support, instead of gunning each other down and resenting anyone who receives help by law. Government of the people, by the people, and FOR the people! The cowboys should no longer be free to shoot their opinions into orders!

May Representative Giffords quickly recover, scrap her own firearms, and vote for meaningful gun controls. (And I hope she has proper insurance to pay for her treatment!)

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