Friday, September 9, 2011

Do Something to Help

Government is NOT your enemy; your enemy are those trying to convince you that "the market" will solve everything. Deregulation of the markets (banking, finance, insurance, hedgefunds, etc.) is precisely what has led to the financial crises around the world today. Financial institutions must be regulated and FORCED to do what they refuse to do on their own: care for the welfare of their employess and the country as a whole. Only watching "return" to stockholders is a rip-off for the average citizen who sees those companies use the country as a base without bearing any responsibility.
Fair taxation: higher for the rich and for high-profit business, lower for the less well-off
Solidarity: health insurance for everyone to cover all healthcare costs
Good government: for the interests of the people as a whole, not for a select few with more lobbyists
Control: of the markets, not of your government

ENACT THE PRESIDENT'S JOB PLAN! There should be even more done for the average citizen, but at least this is a plan that even the Republicans should be able to support despite the anarchists in their ranks!

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