Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Free At Last !

Yes, that's how I felt this morning here on our magic island when we turned on CNN to learn that Obama had hit 338 electoral votes; that's also how I feel now: FREE AT LAST ! We probably couldn't have slept at all if the indicators had been any different, and at 4am our time it was already looking good before the west coast came in.

[Hiddensee remains wonderful: new pix now in the slide show in the previous posting below.
This one only to give a jubilant hello to a world with a decent US President-Elect.]


  1. Take time to read the transcript of Obama's acceptance speech -- so eloquent, so moving, and as I wrote on another blog, hope-filling. I've saved it, to read again and again.

  2. The video is of that very speech. Detlef & I first watched it on CNN with more than a few tears in our eyes.
    And the transcript I have preserved as well.

  3. I checked in with your site suspecting that I would find kindred hearts celebrating the election of Barack Obama and I was not disappointed! How happy it makes me to see that not only you and Detlef, but Terri, too, feel the excitement of good things to come. America has come so far in the past 50 years and I feel blessed that my children are growing up in this enlightened time.