Monday, June 1, 2009

Koko Pleased ...

Home again are we and Koko is, too, hand-delivered by Lea and her dad Heiko, arriving hardly 15 minutes after us. Koko was as usual vocally happy to see us, and Lea was visibly sad to have to return him, but she has exacted from us the promise to let Koko spend all our vacations in future with her and in her care, of course their schedule coinciding. She really enjoyed having a parrot for a week, and received a little pendant with amber stones from the Baltic fashioned on our island of Hiddensee as a thank-you present for babysitting.

More photos have been added to the slide show in the first post from the island, so take a look again or click it to access the picassa album.

Tomorrow will see a return to the routine, but you know what? We're glad to be home again, because it really is the site of our great life in love together! Love and you live a lot better.

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