Monday, July 27, 2009

Get Real, Get Modern, Pass Health Insurance for All !

Come on, America! Health insurance for everyone is NOT communist, not even socialist; it is merely a gesture of humane concern for one's fellow man, something practiced in one form or another in nearly all civilized western countries, whatever the variety of their capitalism, for approximately one and a half centuries! (And for the R-people among you, you can think of it this way: sick workers cannot work for you, sick consumers cannot purchase from you, and people with no money left after trying to bear medical bills will not be able even to care about you.)

Health-care Reform and Congress : The New Yorker:

"In other free countries, legislation, social and otherwise, gets made in a fairly straightforward manner. There is an election, in which the voters, having paid attention to the issues for six weeks or so, choose a government. The governing party or coalition then enacts its program, and the voters get a chance to render a verdict on it the next time they go to the polls. Through one
or another variation of this process, the people of every other wealthy democracy on earth have obtained for themselves some form of guaranteed health insurance or universal health care."

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