Friday, August 7, 2009

8th Anniversary

Yes, our eighth anniversary of official union is today. On the seventh of August at 9am 2001, after having already been together for 5 years+, we were the first couple in our district of Berlin, Weißensee, to become civil-unionized. The German law making this possible came into effect on August 1 that year, and the paperwork meant the 7th was the earliest possible date.
So now, it's been 8 years (13 years altogether), and we show no signs of cooling off.
Indeed, to celebrate this evening, we're going to see a stage version on the waterfront in Grünau of the first movie we saw together back in the summer of 1996, because we started with a hot summer and are still having one this year, the DEFA musical
Heißer Sommer !
Here, the opening sequence from the film:

and here RBB News report about the opening of the stage musical version we're going to this evening:

Besides, it is quite appropriate that Christopher and Ashley are getting married tomorrow, August 8th, in celebration of OUR eight anniversary.

Thanks, guys, and congratulations!

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