Sunday, June 20, 2010

Longest Day - Shortest Night - of the Year

Where else? With Detlef in the hospital after his arm and leg break (arm in a cast, leg operated to insert a plate with screws to the thigh bone)...


  1. oooh ... glad to see the leg isn't in a cast. Can't imagine how uncomfortable/hot that would be. But that arm cast -- OMG! It's huge! Much love and hugs to Detlef!

  2. Only the gauze wrapping the cast is bulky; the cast is only a shell around the outside of the arm. The leg doesn't get a cast when it has gotten a plate and screws inside! It was a femoral neck fracture, and he got a hip pinning, three screws across the fractured bone. "Hip pinning is generally only done in patients with a femoral neck fracture that is well aligned and minimally displaced." Which was his case, no displacement at all and perfectly aligned.