Thursday, February 24, 2011

Good News Can Be Found !

1. The people of Libya are well on the way to driving their monster-dictator Gadaffi out of the country and at least some governments are condemning his call to massacre his opponents.
2. Obama has ordered the Justice Department to stop defending the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, calling it unconstitutional. He has finally come out in support of gay marriage!
3. The people of Tunis and Egypt are moving along towards freely elected governments and (re)institution of civil and human rights in their respective countries.
4. My friends and family are so near even if some are physically distant in providing me all the emotional support I need.
5. Our efforts have shifted my treatment train onto a new track and our physician is arranging everything to speed up cyt/typ results and get me into another hospital, the one we have chosen over the one that took me in Monday and sent me home Tuesday to wait until Wed., March 2, only to return to their out-patient clinic (!) to talk about how things would go on from there. I need to begin treatment as soon as possible once exact genetics are there!
6. Whatever, I have the opportunity and strength to sit here at home with Koko warbling on his swing at my desk as I write this and Edith buzzes around getting our apartment in order and watching out for me. I am taken care of.

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