Thursday, February 3, 2011

May They Succeed!

May those in Tunesia who have driven out the country's dictator of so many decades succeed in moving peacefully to democracy and the institution of full human rights in their country while never forgetting that democracy is rule by the majority WITH protection of the rights of all minorities. May they be able to read this brief post online, as well as every other expression of opinion uttered anywhere by anyone in whatever media.

May those still struggling to have the longtime dictator of Egypt with his mask of fake democracy and disregard of human rights relinquish the reins of government there be successful in replacing Mubarak with a democratically elected president and government, truly democratic, with all parties permitted and given a chance.
May Egypt quickly be spared the violence which erupted there yesterday, which continues today, apparently under orders of an unrelenting Mubarak bent on using any means to hang onto power as long as possible. May he be brought to understand that freedom and true democracy are concepts which he stands in the way of.

May forces of tolerance and freedom emerge as the majority in the formation of new governments in the newly emerging democracies in Tunesia and hopefully soon in Egypt, as well as in Syria, Jordan, Yemen, and, I dare to add provocatively, in Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, The Emirates, Iraq, and Afghanistan. And I have not forgotten Iran, hope sincerely that what is happening in Tunesia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the Arab world serves as inspiration to those there yearning to be unyoked and provides a warning for the Iranian potentates before it is to late for them as well.

Hope and the support of free expression of opinions is what I have to offer all of those people struggling today.

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