Monday, May 16, 2011

Back for More

Back in Virchow today, my consolidation chemo starts tomorrow. Within four weeks altogether, I should be out again, once more for three weeks, perhaps even four, and then comes the stay for the marrow transplant.
It is amazing, again this time, how much they have already accomplished since I came in a little after 11am: echocardiogram (OK), lung function test (OK), laying of my new central-vein catheter for infusions and drawing blood, x-ray to check proper placement of the vein catheter, talk with the doctor about the consolidation chem course (5 days, high-dose Ara-C in 3g ampules morning and evening on days 1, 3, & 5). Tomorrow morning they'll give me the protocol and start, and I also begin all the extra things to help me withstand any side effects.
I'm ready, and we're going to do this right!
It is good to know my lovey, Detlef, can bring Koko home this evening. At least that way, he has one of our "family" members there, even if it's unclear who babbles more, our parrot or I. And I will have a chance to see the pretty birdy on skype at least. He will be good company for Detlef, who once more, I think, is more nervous about everything than I am. But it is our LOVE that will carry us through all of this so that we can have decades and decades together afterwards!

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  1. Tell Detlef to tell Koko I said "hi," and I hope you're doing well with your course of treatment thus far. Much love to all (even Koko!).