Monday, January 26, 2009

Don' Think the World's Not Watching !

Many of us are watching Russia and dismayed by what we see as we seek the advancement and protection of human rights and essential liberties all around the world.
Freedom of the press is essential, and hard to achieve in Russia as the thugs are let loose to silence anyone who speaks up against the machinations of the machine, or, as in this recent case, to kill a lawyer who defended those fighting for their rights in Russian courts.
RUSSIA is a great country, but POOR if it continues to trample liberty and justice! We will not look the other way! Russian gas cannot buy everybody!

Thousands in Chechnya Protest After Lawyer Is Killed
The New York Times

A masked gunman shot the lawyer, Stanislav Markelov, in a brazen daylight attack on Monday not far from the Kremlin. Anastasia Baburova, a journalist who was with Mr. Markelov, was also killed. Officials have not identified any suspects. [...]
Mr. Markelov spent more than a decade involved in contentious human rights cases, and counted among his clients those who claimed to have suffered torture and other abuse under Mr. Kadyrov’s [of Chechnya] government.
“Investigators believe that the murderer could have been a professional hit man or a single criminal who disagreed with Markelov’s public statements in the course of his human rights work,” said Vladimir I. Markin, a spokesman for the prosecutor general’s investigative group.
L'avocat d'une Tchétchène abattu dans les rues de Moscou
Le Figaro
Feue Anna Politkovskaïa avait salué en Me Markelov le premier avocat des victimes de crimes de guerre dans la république insoumise du Caucase. Parmi ses clients, figurait aussi Viktor Beketov, journaliste et opposant au maire de Khimki, une banlieue de Moscou, sauvagement tabassé récemment.
Justice, Moscow-style
The Guardian
The assassination of human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov is a message to Russians: don't count on the law.
The assassination on 20 January of Stanislav Markelov, the human rights activist and advocate who represented many victims of lawlessness, administrative pressure and nationalist violence in Russia, is yet another blow to hopes for a happier future for this country.

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