Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Book Questions Are My Kind of Question

You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you? stolen from Darth Rachel.
(These are my very serious answers!)

1. William Shakespeare: The Riverside Edition of the Complete Works, all in one volume, second edition, because it's several lifetimes and the best of the English language.

2. Dante: La Divina Commedia: single volume edition, because it includes the entire world up to 1300 and is the best of the Italian language.

3. Martin Heidegger: Beiträge zur Philosophie (Vom Ereignis), because all of Being is there to be enowned and considered.

4. Philippe Sollers: Grand beau temps, because it's a collection of pithy aphorisms, quotes, from my favorite living and the best French author, who also manages to encapsulate the wisdom of the ages in his own words.

5. My own notebook, not out of conceit, but because I fear it must be counted as a book, and I couldn't live without it, in whatever incarnation it currently has, and it enables me to expand my realm of language endlessly.


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