Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fine Feathered Friend

Well, Malte wants an Indian headdress for Xmas, and Koko has decided to let us use a lot of his feathers shed in the last year, so we're going to spend some handicraft time in the next days to create a war bonnet for our German nephew with a lot of green feathers tinged with red & blue. It should turn out to look at least similar to this Smithsonian exhibition piece.
Once we have some results, latest after Christmas Eve when the kids in Neuenhagen get their presents, we'll post some photographic evidence of our mastery of the craft here.
We're telling him it's an Indian peace-bonnet, connected with peace pipes, as Koko insists, which is also the reason parrots did not often allow the use of their feathers for these creations! But, as Malte is to be an enlightened peaceful creature, Koko was more than willing!
And after lunch, and visiting a department store for some material, this much progress has been made: Now it's time to get to a sewing machine to do the final facing and attach the elastic band for the back. We also have some beads to attach for decoration. Nothing like doing handicrafts for the holidays!

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