Saturday, January 9, 2010

Monster At Work

Iran: le Guide suprême soutient la répression

Le Guide suprême de la République islamique, l'ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a apporté
samedi son soutien à la répression des manifestations anti-gouvernementales du
27 décembre, appelant les autorités à faire 'leur devoir contre les corrompus et
les émeutiers'.

This individual deserves no adjective that I can think of; he is BENEATH them ALL !
May the world of free and thinking people CRY OUT without ceasing until this creature no longer has any power in any country ! This is no "religious" leader, no leader of any stature whatsoever, but a criminal attempting to repress all who disagree with any of his ridiculously reactionary and dangerous notions unworthy of the word "ideas" !

FREEDOM FOR THE REPRESSED IN IRAN: women, gays, intellectuals, opposition politicians, thinkers, atheists, and all those who refuse to bow before this paragon of inhumanity and cruelty !

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