Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let Writers Travel With Their Words!

CHINA has again violated freedom of expression and freedom of mobility by refusing Liao Yiwu the right to leave the country to attend a literature festival in Cologne.
CHINA must cease endless violations of human rights and no longer maintain that it is subject to some other, "non-western" standards.
CHINA must cease expecting us to breathe their pollution, buy their cheap products, and incur ever more unemployment due to their cutrate production prices exploiting their own people.
CHINA must be boycotted until it respects and upholds human rights!

LET Liao Yiwu travel! Release him from the house arrest he has been place under. Allow him to publish his works, and read from them publicly. Support LIAO YIWU !

China Writer Blocked From Going to German Festival
Published: March 2, 2010
BEIJING — Chinese security agents in Sichuan Province detained Liao Yiwu, a prominent author and critic of the government, as he prepared to fly Monday to a literary festival in Germany, human rights activists said.
It was the 13th time Mr. Liao had been prevented from leaving the country. The Associated Press reported that he had been placed under house arrest after being questioned by security agents for four hours.
“How can this happen?” The A.P. quoted him as saying. “It’s a cultural event, nothing political. Such drama!”
And while we're at it:
Burma, Myanmar, Birma, whichever name you prefer for that country, has enacted a law which forbids Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Aung San Suu Kyi from participating in the upcoming elections in that country, because she is under house arrest for expressing her opinions on the situation in that country. She is the great hope of many of that country's population, and if she remains a member of her own opposition party, it will also not be allowed on the ballot. MYANMAR must institute justice and democracy and release Aung San Suu Kyi!

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