Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hiddensee this year, too!

What a dream is about to come true for us this year...
We are going to make it to Hiddensee for 6 nights!
How often did I look at that water tower outside my window in the KMT-Unit (left) and fantasize that it was the lighthouse at Hiddensee (right), and now I have the medical permission to go, Detlef has vacation days approved for the trip, the train tickets are booked, the schedules for the ferry in hand, and our hosts Gerd & Dorina there are looking forward to welcoming us to the vacation house we've been to every year since we met.
HIDDENSEE, one of the most wonderful islands in the world; and it will be the only vacation we've been able to have out of town this whole year!
We are a lucky couple in love!

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