Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No More Snow, Only Grit

So, no sledding in the woods near Detlef's mom's on Sunday, because some people were so busy wishing for an end of the snow that it started drizzling right after the Saturday picture and then rained and left nothing but grit and dirt and milder above freezing temperatures by Sunday. So now it's gray and crunchy under your feet and in the skies over Berlin.
there was a glimpse of sunlight this afternoon on the way home from torturing my poor students,
I'm hoping that there will, by next week, either be the first wild flowers in the parks
a hard freeze and return to snow and sunshine.
Either way I'll be happy.

By the way, Argentina has one neonazi fewer in the country since Maledictus' de-excommunicated bishop who'd been holed up there as a professor of theology (!) has left (actually they kicked him out). Yet he has evidently still not yet had time enough to consider the evidence for the Shoah: his retraction of his denial of it having taken place has yet to part his diabolical lips.

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