Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Down - How Many Left to Go?

As Maledictus continues his evil empire of fundamentalism, at least one fundamentalist bowed to public and "collegial" pressure and resigned from the position of Auxiliary Bishop of Linz, Austria, to which the papal reactionary had only just recently appointed him. Mr. Wagner, famed for saying Katrina was a godly punishment on New Orleans and that gays should be forcibly "cured" quit on his own; the Vatican, which had done nothing against him and his remarks, "accepted the resignation".
One fundamentalist down, unfortunately many more to go!

Amid Scandals, Questions of Where the Pope’s Focus Lies - NYTimes.com:

"On Sunday, a priest known for such provocative statements as blaming the sins of New Orleanians for Hurricane Katrina asked the pope to rescind his appointment as an auxiliary bishop in Austria.
In Vienna on Monday, 10 Austrian bishops convened a crisis session to deal with the fallout. Erich Leitenberger, a spokesman for the Vienna Archdiocese, said church officials around the country had been inundated with letters, phone calls and e-mail messages, including from parishioners saying they were leaving the church.
“The larger problem is the inability of the church leadership to come to terms with the modern world,” Mr. Feichtlbauer said. “The problem is a long-term one, and in no way is it solved.”"

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