Sunday, February 1, 2009

Koko Had Guests for Coffee and Supper and Playtime

Lea, Malte, and their parents, Steffi & Heiko, paid Koko a visit, and their grandparents Bernhard & Roswitha also came along (not in the pictures). Lea made us Blitzkuchen and for supper we had a nice thick veggie soup, bread, and cold cuts.
Koko rode around on Lea's shoulder and let her feed him peanuts, sunflower seeds, apple, and lettuce leaves; at one point after letting Lea know he didn't want to come, he gave Steffi a harsher beak warning. Malte spent most of the time watching him and repeatedly telling us all that Koko is a Papagei (parrot in German).
(And the cake Lea baked us, with her mom's help, was really yummy.)


  1. Okay, I'm really impressed. (and tell Steffi I commiserate with her totally!)

  2. so Koko will let other people mess with him without biting their feet off :)

  3. Of course: pretty birdy = nice birdy = der Gute, Gute, Gute!