Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ninth Pre-Caesarian Month

Yup, that's NOVEMBER.
Random current-reading quotes:
"The polite swallow of Jack almost made Gately heave."
"... whom she had long regarded as something of a ham."
"De toute manière, avec de tels hérauts, la lutte contre l'infâme octogénaire de Rome risque bien de connaître une fin heureuse."
"Wir scheinen aber davon weiter denn je entfernt zu sein ..."

Next week marks 20 years of passing through the Wall, beyond the Wall, hanging pieces of it in a picture postcard of it wrapped in cellophane on the wall. Where was it, ask all those who stand on the no-man's land between its two faces, unable to conceive of it having been a swath of emptiness through this town, rather than a mere demarcation line. Life is now there where death was.

And an alternative Händelian cultural offering playing this week that we may well attend:

ANÆSTHESIA - Nico and the Navigators & Franui from Nico and the Navigators on Vimeo.

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