Monday, November 23, 2009

What a Great Weekend !

It's delightful to play host to a grown-up niece, and we especially enjoyed having her and her Moroccan-Barcelonian friend Amine here this weekend. Amine's presence even earned Koko's approval, as he proved to be without any aggressive tendencies towards Jenn, instead playing entertainer and onlooker.
It was a pleasure to get to know Amine, whom we both liked very much and found to be a very friendly, open-minded, humorous, and sensible young man who obviously cares a great deal for Jenn. And she glows with happiness. They both do. When speaking of plans for the future, they are both reasonable and determined, both knowing that things will take time and ready to invest that time, hoping for the best while realizing nothing can be taken for granted.
We can only wish them BOTH success in achieving the common future they are striving for. It was a great pleasure having them here, and we look forward to many more opportunities to spend time with them.
(And parents on the other side of an ocean or a sea should know that they can be perfectly calm, serene, and happy, just lean back and relax, enjoy the fact that their kids are mature and responsible. It's all going to be just fine.)

Here a link to the photo album from the weekend, and following that a short weird video from the public karaokee at the amphitheatre in Mauerpark on Sunday.


  1. great pictures ... looks like y'all gave Amine the grand tour. The East Gallery looks amazing with its fresh artwork! (Sorry I missed your call; Monday pm is my time to work at Hospice House. Did I tell you about that?)

  2. Once a Lady-in-Waiting, always a Lady-in-Waiting! May you always receive the sustenance you surely give.