Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughtful Security Rather Than Thoughtless Increases

It is indeed time to consider how to reduce the number of troops from all other countries present in Afghanistan, in particular American troops, the largest contingent, rather than even considering an increase in troop levels! Very little has been accomplished, other than to prop up a glorified mayor of Kabul claiming to be president while reaping the benefits of corruption and fixing elections to the extent that his opponent gave up rather than facing a rigged run-off. What is needed in Afghanistan is pacification of the country and rebuilding of its infrastructure, schools, opportunity, and a law-and-enforcement agency of Afghans for Afghans. There is NO evidence that increasing troop levels there will benefit anyone: not the Afghans, not security of other countries, and certainly not the brave soldiers stationed there. Since a sudden total and immediate withdrawal would provoke chaos, a plan must be devised for a gradual but steady organized withdrawal of troops and implementation of normal security measures in that country. And what is happening in Pakistan is also only exacerbated by military activities in Afghanistan.
Rethink the strategy! Indeed, begin truly to think about it at all!

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