Friday, February 26, 2010

Allow ALL Americans Health Care !

It is past time to enact comprehensive health care reform in the United States to enable ALL its citizens to have access to affordable health care, no matter how ill they may be, no matter what their job is, no matter where they live. Going to the doctor when you're ill, receiving treatment in a hospital for major illness should not result in personal bankrupcy. Stop protecting the rich against the poor: the rich can pay for whatever they want anyway; society is responsible for its weakest members, need not be concerned with those "above" it.

Editorial - After the Health Care Summit -

Here is a basic fact: If the House Democrats voted tomorrow to approve the Senate bill, health care reform would become the law of the land.
The president and Speaker Nancy Pelosi should push the House to accept the fundamentally sound Senate bill. If they still cannot garner enough votes from their own caucus, they should alter the Senate bill slightly with parallel legislation that could be passed with budget reconciliation.
Mr. Obama needs to keep explaining to Americans that this health care reform is critical — to give them security, to hold down costs and ease the strain on federal budgets. His main challenge, and his best chance, for passing it is to get his own party in line.

Obama's plan spells hope for those suffering disease with no hope of treatment, and you could become one of them if you lose your job and thus your insurance or if your insurance decides to cancel your policy when the treatment of your disease becomes too expensive! Of course, hospice measures, palleative only, are available to all. Not even D.A.F. de Sade could have dreamed of something as cynical as that: promise to die within a year and we'll pay to eliminate pain for you...

At summit, Republicans prove they aren't putting America's health first - Washington Post

The most important thing Republicans think is that if there are Americans who can't afford the insurance policies that private insurers are willing to offer, then that's their problem -- there's nothing the government or the rest of us should do about it. [...]
That was their clear message Thursday. It was their message during all those years when their party controlled Congress and the White House and they did nothing and said nothing about the plight of the uninsured. And it is clear that they would continue to do nothing if, by some miracle, Democrats were to drop their plan or embark on a more modest approach. For Republicans, the uninsured remain invisible Americans, out of sight and out of mind.

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