Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Solidarity for Solidarity !

While Obama is working hard with sensible people finally to achieve solidarity in the US health insurance system to provide affordable insurance and health care for all Americans, we here in Europe must NOT allow latter-day neo-liberal yuppies concerned only with increasing their own wealth to diminish the solidarity of the European healthcare system.
The F.ully P.arty's Minister of (Un)Health must be returned to the swamp of arrogance from which he emerged and removed from any and all political responsibilities forever. Germany may NOT go backwards when finally even the US is ready to move forwards!
Let all pay a lower percentage health insurance premium on all their income so that all may continue to have affordable health care. Solidarity is human; "head premiums" are robber baron efforts of the wealthy to rob those less well off.
Must Robin Hood return from the forest to save us all?
Here's to Obama for saying yes to health care for all!
Here's to Seehofer, even to Söder, for saying NO to FDP efforts to abandon such solidarity here! (And that means oddly enough, praise for the CSU! Which only goes to show how horrid the FDP has become!)

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