Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roman Decadence and Modern Poverty

Oh, dear, Mr. Westernwave! Are you simply determined to prove how hardheaded and dum your FullyDumParty really is? Roman decadence, which you claim Germany will follow into the late version of, should recipients of social welfare support continue to get as much money as some of the poorly paid workers, who receive so little because your party is opposed to any and all form of minimum wage legislation, resulting in them having to run to the dole for help, a subsidy for cheapskate employers placed on the shoulders of those you like to criticize... But anyway, Roman decadence was the overly luxurious behavior of the elite there, fiddling as Rome burned, enjoying luxury as the borders were stormed, ignoring the calls to help from those in all forms of need. It seems the Roman-style decadents are rather the clients and beneficiaries of your policies: hoteliers with reduced VAT, those opting out of the solidarity-based health insurance system for cheaper premiums for the well and young and healthy and beautiful, not even to mention those shipping their money out of the country into the banks of Switzerland etc. to avoid paying any taxes on it where they "earned" it. And yes, one indication of Roman decadence was Caesars's appointment of an ASS to the position of consul, something Heiner Geißler quite correctly correlated with your appointment to the position of Foreign Minister. And, Mr. Westernwave, there is NOTHING MORE DECADENT than envying people who have LESS than you.
May the video remind you, too, of who the real ass is!

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