Monday, February 1, 2010

New Month?

- old snow, still lying around and getting dirty, dusted with yet more during the day
- old cold, rising barely to 0°C today but dipping back down before anything can really melt
- old class, although today was the final session with this fine group
- old books, so to speak, at least in the sense that they are all being carried over into February for completeion
- old notebook, which will, however, be filled within another couple of days at most
- old black-yellow hornet government in Germany still arguing about all the same old things, all of which everyone is glad they are arguing about rather than enacting, because all their plans are too horrible for words, and even the VAT reduction for hotel stays (supposedly a "growth" measure ! ) is unacceptable for some of the black-yellow party leaders who fear losing the next state election in NRW
- old idiocy still prevalent stateside claiming health care for everyone is communist; but then the yellow jackets here claim minimum wage is communist, so maybe that's just the state of the world of idiots
- old newness is nonetheless the novelty of another month ...

Yet the world is there for us if we wish to see it and inhabit it truly, with open eyes and open minds!

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