Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here we go again ...

It snowed a lot last night, the tram was already late and slow, and the S-Bahn, the by now nearly eternal problem child of Berlin mass transit managed to do a great DISSERVICE to all commuters. Only because I go the other way around on the ring than recommended could I get in the train at all, and that was the last station that everyone waiting managed to board. Two stations later, no one else could fit into the train and there must have been a 5-6 person deep mob lining the entire edge of the platform - a wonder no one fell in the gap. It took me 65 minutes in the S-Bahn for a stretch that normally takes 20-25 minutes. But then I'm an early bird and still managed to arrive on time. (Normally I'm a good thirty minutes early.) On the way home I could also shoot some cell phone pics of nicer scenery, as well as out our window only a few minutes ago.
And it's only December 2 !

**** UPDATE, Saturday, December 4: It's now official. The S-Bahn only managed to have HALF (52%) of its operating stock on the rails yesterday, which was an "improvement" from Thursday! Only 32% were "on time", which doesn't make clear that those that were late were sometimes more than one hour late! And before it got cold and snowed, the S-Bahn management promised they had everything under control and prepared so that what happened last winter wouldn't happen this winter. Well, they've broken their promise again!


  1. You and Detlef stay warm! Just read about the tremendous havoc this storm is wreaking all over Europe and the UK. Good weather to huddle by the "fire" with a cup of hot tea and a good book!

  2. Unfortunately, we have to go out again this morning, too. At least there's been no new snow, but all that came remains because the temperature is even - brrr - lower this morning! Right now it's -10°C (13°F) and I'm bundling up for hopefully less stress with the trains.

  3. (And the UK actually IS part of Europe!)

  4. Depends on whether you ask a Brit!