Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The New Universal Enemy

For all of those paranoid individuals, tea-drunken simplistic partiers, not-with-me-is-against-me antagonists, and others who just can't face themselves in a mirror without a scapegoat to blame for everything they don't like, we in Berlin have discovered the new universal enemy, the source of all terroristic disruptions, the fundamentalist of all times, the factor everyone must look under their beds to find, the one thing responsible for whatever doesn't work, the reason the trains, buses, trams, planes cannot transport us anymore, the threat to our modern day civilization, way of life, apple pie, and motherhood, the demon of the evil axis, the axis of evil itself ...



  1. Don't you have any of those cute waders like the fly fishermen wear?

  2. Actually, Terri, some have suggested duct tape.