Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Intentionally Unbalanced News

Hungary's draconian new law to control and punish any media reports considered by an autonomous and unchecked board composed of members of the governing nationalist party to be objectionable, immoral, or not presenting a balanced view is contrary to all important aspects of the human right to freedom of expression! They have not even attempted to define the vague terms you can be charged with violaton of, and are rightly criticized for heading in the direction of totalitarian states and dictatorships in curtailment of freedom of the press. The aptest comparison is with the mustached dictatorship in White Russia.
Unfortunately, Hungary has the rotating presidency of the EU for the coming six months, and the recourse of Hungarians and Europeans concerned with freedom and democracy is an appeal to the European Court to strike down the Hungarian law and remind them that only states committed to human rights and democracy may be members of the European Union.
As this brief account is intentionally unbalanced, since I have no intention of considering any reasons for infringement on freedom of expression here, I do indeed hope Hungary will join China in blocking acces to my blog. That would be an honor.

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's parliament passed legislation on Tuesday to tighten government control over news outlets which media watchdogs say is arbitrary and ill-defined.
The new National Media and Communications Authority (NMHH), dominated by people loyal to the ruling Fidesz party, will oversee all public news production and its powers will include levying big fines on private media that violate the law.
Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn criticised the move in an interview with Reuters in Germany, saying the European Commission must take swift action against it.
"The plans clearly violate the spirit and the letter of EU treaties," Asselborn said, adding: "It raises the question whether such a country is worthy of leading the EU."

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