Saturday, December 11, 2010

Human Rights Day 2010

Yesterday was Human Rights Day, this years theme was the fight to end discrimination.

Fittingly for this day, LIU XIAOBO was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in absentia. He is a determined fighter for human rights and reminds us that the basis of human rights in general is freedom of expression.

I salute Liu Xiaobo as well as all others who struggle for human rights. We, in democracies, have it easier to protect those rights we have, even when they may at times be infringed upon; but the truly courageous are those who live in countries that imprison them for demanding human rights. Incarcerating, torturing, impeding someone who is merely trying freely to speak or write his opinion is an unconscienable act under any system anywhere. We humans all have bodies subject to pain and spirits that are only human because we can freely think and speak; this is why human rights are universal-

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