Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm still watching you ...

Though I may be in the hospital for treatment of AML and not getting out particularly soon, I am nonetheless watching what you are doing, Mr. Obama, and must say that I am not exactly pleased about this:

The Guardian, March 7, 2011

Obama lifts suspension on military terror trials at Guantánamo Bay
Move marks departure from election promise to close camp and use civilian law to fight terrorism.
Barack Obama has given the green light to resume military trials of terror suspects detained at Guantánamo Bay, making a sharp departure from his election promises to close the camp and bring America's fight against terrorism back into the remit of civilian law.
The US president lifted a suspension on so-called "military commissions" which he had imposed on his first full day in the White House. By so doing, he permitted the revival of trials conducted by military officers, with a military judge presiding.
Obama also signed an executive order that moved to set into law the already existing practice on Guantánamo of holding detainees indefinitely without charge.
The president sought to sweeten the pill among civil rights and liberal groups of the resumption of two of the most widely criticised aspects of George Bush's war on terror by emphasising that he still wished to see Guantánamo close. When he came into office in January 2009, he repeatedly promised to have the camp closed within one year. It was set up in the wake of 9/11 in 2001 and thereafter the war in Afghanistan.
Bring charges against those who are accused and ensure them a fair and speedy trial, as is required by the Constitution of the United States. Indefinite incarceration without trial is fundamentally counter to all principles of enlightened justice and resembles, rather, the practices of those despots the world is attempting to rid itself of! Maintain the principles of democracy and abhor the practices of despotism!

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