Monday, March 14, 2011

Three Meltdowns !

With reference to my previous post, now there are three reactors on the verge of or actually melting down in Japan. Radiation levels are thousands of times above normal.
Tomorrow another may be added.
And Angie Buttonpopper has evidently popped some as she's now supposed to be about to announce a moratorium on the extension of running times for reactors that her own Tigerentenkoalition put into effect against the will of the people and the advice of all experts.
Better late than never?
Stay tuned in for more radioactive static, as even the US and France have to face the music about their nuclear energy policies.
China, of course, ready to sacrifice millions if necessary and uninterested in individuals at all, has announced just in these days that they are going to EXPAND immensely their own nuclear energy program and build many more reactors.
How'd you like some radiation chou mein?

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