Thursday, March 31, 2011

Union Rights are YOUR Rights!

The right to collective bargaining and organization of workers in unions is the ONLY reason workers have any protection and benefits on the workplace anywhere in the world! The curtailment of collective bargaining rights place an utterly unfair advantage in the hands of owners to maximize profits while dehumanizing society! WORK IS NOT FOR OWNERS' PROFITS BUT FOR A DECENT LIFE FOR THOSE WHO WORK! That various states in the USA are curtailing union and collective bargaining rights is a move back to the early 19th Century. Unless you'd like to live in shop housing, have black lung, die of tuberculosis, have no vacation or sick leave ever, work 80 hours a week, maybe even pay for the "privilege" of having a job, you'd better wake up and stand up for the unions who are there to stand up for your rights!

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