Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Arrival Day

3:00 am, the alarm would have rung to wake us up in time to do morning preps for the trip and eat breakfast if we hadn't've already gotten up a quarter hour before.
4:00 am, the taxi arrived promptly to fetch us off to Schönefeld airport, where we arrive a few minutes ahead of the required two-hour pre-take-off check-in time for our flight, and we were the first ones checked in and through security.
This of course meant waiting longer to board the flight, which wonderfully enough however pulled back from the gate a full ten minutes ahead of its scheduled 6:45 am starting time.
We arrived through lightning and thunderclouds at the airport of Palma de Mallorca 25 minutes early, at 9am and were sitting in our transfer bus to the hotel by 9:30.
Then more waiting began, because the room wasn't ready until a little past 11:30 and we had reached the hotel only a little past 10. But we could look down at the harbor from the terrace, which the rain kept us from venturing out onto.
Nonetheless, after a short nap, we noticed the sun coming out and headed out ourselves for a first exploration through Palma and snapped a few random photos to testify to this place's beauty even beneath an overcast to drizzly to thunderstormed sky.
While Detlef is bathing off the arrival day's grit, I'm posting this first Mallorca entry and uploading the photos, which you can see below, before heading for the shower myself.
Then we get to go to the dinner buffet! Because we have half-board, i.e. breakfast and dinner all you can eat every day. And we both are indeed hungry.

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