Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beaches You Don't Need

We ventured around to the Ballermann beach yesterday, which we would only dream of doing on a cloudy afternoon when the German beach drinkers wouldn't be there. Today we went to another such site, Port d'Alcúdia, more popular among English sots, and then into the actually beautiful old town of Alcúdcia, still with ancient fortification walls, but it was market day (north african trinket sellers everywhere selling the same stuff you can buy at markets in Berlin: fake these and those) and FULL of all the beach tourists from the port a kilometer away because it was cloudy to rainy.
Tomorrow we're doing another driving tour with Renate.
And here, the slide show of beaches you don't really need and beautiful towns you can only see if you look up above the crowds of people buying scarves and handbags...

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