Friday, September 18, 2009

Party - Parrot - Palma

In that order, the to-do list of the next few days is set.
Tomorrow, if Lea is well (today reportedly feverish and hoarse), will see us out in the idyllic noisiness of Berlin's suburbia to celebrate with her and her little brother their birthdays after-the-fact with the family. (The children's party with friends already took place on the proper day with bowling and resultant semi-to-real illness of Lea.)
We have already told Edith, that if everything she has prepared for the garden party ends up unneeded, we will go to visit her and help her eat it there.
Monday, Heiko plays taxi driver for Koko to be transported out to the same suburbia for Lea to provide with tender loving foster care while we are off on vacation.
Tuesday morning will see us flying off to Palma before the sun rises, airport check-in at shortly before 5am. But then we have two solid weeks in a nice hotel with nothing to do but relax and play tourist.
Books have been selected and are ready for the trip, writing materials, and of course the laptop for wifi connection from the island to post up pictures as currently as possible.
(Yesterday evening was the final internationales literaturfestival berlin event for me this year, with Diderot on the relegation of religions.)


  1. lovely talking with you this morning -- we all need family. Bon voyage -- you'll be studying the Mediterranean, and we'll be gazing across the Atlantic!

  2. hope the literary festival went well again this year! still not sure if I can make it out to Palma, but enjoy it regardless -- hopefully you'll have nice sunny weather