Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No Words for the Chaos

As if any more warning were needed for those who think privatizing public transportation is a good idea, the S-Bahn in Berlin yesterday evening admitted neglect in maintenance has led to faulty brakes and 75% of the cars must be taken out of service for brake cylinder replacement, which will take 10-12 weeks. This comes on the heels of the improper servicing of the wheels, which had also led to major redutions and repair work which had meanwhile returned sevice to about 66% of normal until this.

Now Berlin again has mass transit chaos, with only 25% service at most, more disruptions promised, and no dependable schedule.

Stop taking money out of the S-Bahn for the profit of a D-Bahn that hopes for stock issue. The rail must remain a public enterprise and profits are not admissible!

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