Thursday, October 8, 2009

For Your Consideration

« Il y a des choses très intéressantes sur les filles et leur mère, sujet à vrai dire inépuisable, comme le ressac. »

- PhS on Montherlant, L'Infini n°108
There are some very interesting things about daughters and their mother, quite honestly an inexhaustible topic, like undertow.

« Woher stammt die Lust an der Besinnungslosigkeit, die jede Gelegenheit zur Flucht in die Aktivität der Aktion bejubelt? »
- MH GA76, S.13
Where does the desire for unconsciousness (non-reflection) that cheers for every opportunity to flee into the activity of action come from?

Is the choice to phase out endlessly on something a free choice, all the way through?

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