Friday, October 30, 2009

October Outing

As in coming to an end, October has its final Friday and Pedro will be fetched home by Rudi, now that he's again (Pedro) become fully acclimatized to Weißensee and to snuggling under my chin.
Tomorrow, Halloween, we will guard the door to the house and distribute some sort of innocuous candy tidbits to those kids here who have succumbed to this outcropping of commercialism, US style, on the old side of the ocean.
Monday, with a new month, begins a new group of eager learners, who'd better all be as nice to me as it is claimed they are by nature.
IJ, L'I, & GA76 all carry over into the next month, as the Nobel prize winner continues to wait patiently for her turn.
(And my elder niece has been reminded that being a student, even of jurisprudence, still involves attending a class now and then. Could one expect her to prepare a brief? She could analyze the cdu-csu-fdp coalition contract to point out all the unclarities they agreed on; a classic example of a contract that defines little and regulates nothing.)

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