Friday, October 23, 2009

Unconstitutional This Year, But Not Next Year

--- At least that's what all those CDU-CSU-FDP coalescing coalitioners claim about the off-the-books budget for debts they want to create to be able to finance income-tax cuts. Although Wednesday they claimed such would somehow be more transparent, now they claim NOT doing so would be more transparent, until next year, when off-the-books again would be more transparent, because doing it this year would be unconstitutional while doing it next year somehow would not be. By then, the current law-and-order minister Schäuble will be, as the reports now claim, Finance Minister and can carry on with his perversions of the consitution in that office, always assuring every unconstitutional innovation he comes up with is consitutional as soon as he comes up with it. Anyhow, they're gonna give Germans a tax break and take the cost out of their hides for generations to come.... Stay tuned for more neo-liberal idiocy as a new coalition pulls all the old tricks out of the bag.

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