Saturday, October 17, 2009

Start With Berlusconi, Continue With Sarkozy, and Merkel?

Even the American press has finally picked up on the disaster area calling itself prime minister of Italy (see below); now one could move on to the incorrigible nepotism in France of smiley boy Sarko appointing his smiley boy son (incompleted university education and zero career experience) to the boss of the La Défense development corporation, state-run with billions of euros for a budget. One might even begin to consider what nonsense murky Merkel has perpetrated on Germany by attaining a continuation of her chancelloretteship with the aid of Westernwave, the pro-liberalization-of-banking-rules statue of liberty.
Just continue to think, and things will become clearer.

Why Italy Should Dump Berlusconi Newsweek International

The ultimate blame may lie with ordinary Italians. Author Umberto Eco wrote last month that the Italian public has accepted Berlusconi, and will accept the gagging of the press. "So why write about this when most Italians know very little—because the media, so tightly controlled by Berlusconi, tell them very little?" Eco asked. "The answer is simple. In 1931, Mussolini's Fascist regime made all 1,200 university professors swear fidelity. Only 12 refused, and lost their jobs … Those 12 saved the honor of our universities—and of our country. That's why you have to say no, even when it may do no good."
And that's why Italy must say no once more. And tell Silvio it's time to go.

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