Tuesday, October 6, 2009

There are seagulls there after all...

After waking up having dreamed the question as to why there are no seagulls in Palma, or anywhere else in Mallorca we had been, while lazing at, in, and by the pool Sunday, we looked up from our loungers and actually saw two or three flying way up high. Detlef said they probably just land in the mountains, but we had been in the mountains ourselves and never once caught a glimpse of one, not even flying, so I disputed that assertion.
Then, later in the afternoon, for one last little outing in town, we took a bus back down to the center of Palma, still near the shore, and strolled up a little park to the "river" Torrent sa Riera, where we saw quite a few seagulls bathing like sparrows in the birdpath of the concrete river bed and lounging on the grassy banks under palm trees, all protected by high stone walls and fences from people accessing the area in any way.
So Mallorca's seagulls have devolved into some kind of rain-floodwater-runoff-stream-gulls...

And that was definitly the last posting re this wonderfully relaxing vacation. (Koko gets another visit from Pedro as houseguest beginning Friday, by the way.)

From here on, its MH GA Bd.76, L'Infini n°108, and Infinite Jest mixed with writing and teaching and translating and just simply thinking which will be reflected here.

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